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Hokkaido University Nepalese Student Association

                            A common forum of Nepalese students at Hokkaido University

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Vol. 1, April, 2003    

Vol. 1, April, 2003    



 It is our immense pleasure to release the inaugural issue of Hokudai Bisauni (xf]s'bfO{ la;f}gL) on the occasion of the New Year 2060 Bikram Sambat.  We take this opportunity to wish you success.

Hokkaido University Nepalese Student Association (HUNSA) is just over a year old now, and has made its recognition in Japan in general and in Sapporo in particular among the students, faculties, NGOs, social/development workers, individuals and others having interest in Nepal and Nepali culture. Combined efforts of HUNSA and other associations, such as Hokkaido Nepal Sagarmatha Society (HONESS), including Japanese with interest in Nepal have been very effective in developing a cooperative community in Sapporo. 

Hokudai Bisauni intends to strengthen and solidify the Nepali community through effective communication in sharing ideas and experiences among the members. We attempts to:


disseminate HUNSAfs activities and achievements,


communicate academic and practical achievements,


share members expressions through literature, and


establish network with other institutions or individuals having interest in Nepal.

Our plan is to publish Hokudai Bisauni half-yearly coinciding with Nepali New Year and Dashain for which we would like to request for continued cooperation of all. We are always eagerly awaiting contributions of diverse fields along with suggestions and comments.

We would like to express our gratitude to Hokkaido Nepal Sagarmatha Society (HONESS) for financial contribution and look forward for continued mutual cooperation.

Despite of several technical and practical problems, we are glad that we were able to publish this issue in time. We would like to request the readers to bear with the grammatical and typological errors, if any.

May peace be with Nepal and Nepali around the globe.


The Editorial Board

Baisakh 1, 2060                                              


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